Investor Profile Analysis

Investor Profile Analysis


The investor profile analysis (IPA) is a test that aims to find the profile of an investor, in order to align his investments to objectives, strategies and especially to the risk exposure that can be faced by him. Such analysis is also known as ‘suitability’, and is widely used elsewhere, following standards, to identify how much risk each investor is willing to face. The IPA test is also used by banks and brokers, to find their customers’ objectives.

Once the profile is found, we can help you search for the best investment options, meeting your needs and milestones. However, the test must be constantly updated, or at least anytime that something relevant changes in the investor life style, like a pay rise, a new dependent or new milestones. No matter what the profile reveals to be, you can invest in anything you want. The main objective here is to provide a North to investors, which does not mean an ultimate truth is reached – that is simply a matter of orientation.

If you are more conservative, nothing hinders you from putting your money in stock. Likewise, if you are more aggressive, you can still use a savings account. However, once the questionnaire is done, the best investment option will be shown to you, as the test has been conceived to find options that fit better to your personality and needs.

Teste Perfil

Over 65
Between 46 and 65
Between 25 and 45
Less than 25

Retirement wages
Rents or dividends
Financial assets

I want to raise my capital
I want to make some profit with no risks
I want to make the most as quick as possible
I want to keep gains above inflation rates

Over 75%
From 50% to 75%
From 25% to 50%
Less than 25%

Between a month and six months
Between 6 months and an year
Between 1 and 3 years
In more than 3 years

Consuming (Ex: buying a car, a house, travelling, etc)
Hedging your capital agains losses and inflation
Increase substantially your wealth

Don’t have any idea
Savings account, DRs and real estate notes
Government bonds, DI funds, fixed income and multimarkets
Bonds in general, investment funds and shares

I do not accept any losses
Up to 5%
Between 6% and 15%
Over 15%

Hedging capital
Sensitive capital growth
Considerable capital growth
Huge capital growth

Between 6 months and an year
Between 3 and 6 months
I don’t have any savings
Over an years

Over 3 years
Between 2 and 3 years
Between 1 and 2 years
Less than an year

Face it naturally, as you look it in a long term view
Be devastated, but would not give up
Never be investing again, only in lower risky assets
Study the markets and review your strategy to try once more

A lot of risks with most of your capital
A lot of risk with a small portion of your capital
Minimal risks with most of your capital
Minimal risks with a small portion of your capital

No, and am not willing to
No, but I am willing to
Yes, but I am not pretty sure I have been doing it in a right way
Yes, and I am comfortable

No, and I don’t want, as I know it’s too risky
No, but I want to know more about, to start investing
Yes, but I am afraid of, as I am not yet aware of all risks
Yes, I know how they work and I am comfortable with my own strategies

To have 90% of chances to receive BRL 5,000.00 in 6 months
To have 50% of chances to receive BRL 10,000.00 in 6 months
To have 30% of chances to receive BRL 20,000.00 in 3 months
To have 10% of chances to receive BRL 50,000.00 in one month

Each six months

I don’t have any cash for doing that
Up to BRL 1,000.00
Up to BRL 10,000.00
Over BRL 10,000.00

I have one
I have two
I have more than 2 dependents

I don’t have any experience at all
I already have some experience, but not enough to invest comfortably yet
I already have some experience and I use to invest part of my money
I have a good experience and always follow the financial markets

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